Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter-Makes Cuts In Seconds

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Your Best Assistant for Christmas Gift Wrapping!£¡£¡£¡

Whenever Icut some wrapping paper to wrap a gift,the cut are comes out so jaggedthat it looks like there was an earthquake happening while Iwas cutting it.

If you're sick of cutting your wrapping paper, and making not-so-straight cuts, this unique wrapping paper tool is for you. and itmakes perfect cuts of wrapping paper in like 2 seconds.

Not only does it give you perfect wrapping paper cuts every-time, the also makesa great wrapping paper organizer.Since the tool has a flexible fit, it perfectly holds your wrapping paper in place while in storage so that it won't unravel.
  • Secure embedded blade design
  • Ergonomic tube handle for easy operation
  • You can draw a perfect line every time in 2 seconds
  • As an organizer, save the space by protecting the gift wrapping rolls
  • A unique gift for her or his family at home and school features or craft projects love DIY
  • Color: green, white, black
  • Size: 12*8*8cm/4.7"*3.1"*3.1"
  • Material: quality ABS