Matte Amazonite OM Bracelet

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Manifest anything into your life with this amazing Matte Amazonite OM Bracelet and bring peace, serenity and calmness into your life.

Amazonite crystalis know for being one of thebest manifestation stones.
You can incorporate its energy into you dailymeditation practice.

Make sure you set the intention before your get to your meditation practice and Amazonite stone willmagnify all of your affirmations.


Om, a symbol that was originally born and adored in Hinduism is now being used in many religions including Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and the Bon faith.
This beautiful symbol isdirectly related topeace, meditation and spirituality.

According to the faithful,Omis the sound thatresonates within the cosmosand is arepresentation of the creator.

The ¡®AUM¡¯ mantra consists of three syllables: ¡®Awe¡¯, ¡®oo¡¯ and ¡®mmmm¡¯. All of these arechanted at the beginning and end of yoga or meditation sessionsslowly.
As youchant these syllables, you feel certaincalming vibrationswithin your body.

There is aspecialmeditation techniquewhere thismantra is chanted.
It combines breathing and sounding to create vibrations that flow within your body.
Thus, relaxing your mind, body and soul and allowing you to enhance your focus.

This Matte Amazonite OM Braceletfeatures:

- Handmade with genuine 8mm Amazonite Stone beads
- High quality elastic cord
- Made to fit your wrist
- Made with love and pure positive energy


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